Home Sensory Gyms

Autistic Sensory Gym

Homes, basements, garages, and bedrooms all can be converted to a sensory space such as a sensory gym or sensory room for home or personal use. All our sensory spaces are free hanging and painted with water-based paint for the safety of the children, in case they were to chew on anything. Our sensory room designs maximize available floor space.

With an in-home sensory room, we take what we learned in a clinical setting and apply it in the comforting and safe-feeling environment of your home. We combine a full range of engaging stimuli to help children and the elderly engage and develop their gross motor skills and senses. This benefits your loved one’s spatial awareness, personal body awareness, and cause-and-effect reasoning. Studies also show that social skills are improved with the right use of a sensory gym.

This investment truly pays off because you have much of what a therapy clinic’s sensory gym has for your child, right in your own home! In the comfort of familiar surroundings, your home sensory room offers your loved one has more opportunities to practice what their provider has taught them.

Custom Sensory Gym

DISCLAIMER: Royalty Sensory Gyms designs and builds state-of-the-art sensory gyms, we are not medical consultants. For that reason we ask that you consult with your family physician for any medical concerns. Our sensory gyms are designed to help treat sensory processing disorder and help regulate senses in kids and adults through activities directed by a speech, occupational, or physical therapist.