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Royalty Sensory Gyms has the passion and heart to make any dreams come true, look at what they have done for me! I am truly blessed to stumble upon such an amazing company that has the passion to change an industry that has needed sensory gyms! Keep inspiring smiles that say "I can"!




We could not be more excited about this space! It will provide a great opportunity for sensory input and regulation. Many smiles to come from both students and staff!

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Sensory Play Improves Life SkillsParents and caregivers of special needs kids aren't looking for "systems," they are looking for "solutions." You’ve been inundated with systems, programs, and treatments without promise. When our clients approach us for the first time, they are often frustrated and overwhelmed.Royalty Sensory Gyms is a breath of fresh air -- hopeful, with sensory gym designs solidly grounded in scientific evidence, and FUN for a change!Get Started


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Benefits of Sensory Rooms & Sensory Gyms


Royalty Sensory Gyms’ custom sensory rooms and sensory gyms are designed to support sensory integration therapy, occupational therapy for autism, sensory fitness, and physical or occupational therapy needs.

Our gyms can be designed to serve either children with special needs or the elderly. Visit our Elderly Care page for more information about our modifications to suit the needs of elderly gym users.

Sensory play is a fun way to improve both physical and social function in all children. Having a sensory room in your child’s home, school, or provider’s office equips you with productive sensory spaces for therapy when and where children need them and can benefit from them the most.

Sensory gyms are great additions to occupational and physical therapists’ offices, specialty treatment centers for autism spectrum and related disorders, hospitals, schools, community centers, and homes.

Sensory gyms are FUN! Children with special needs cannot process environments the same way as other children. School and play centers may be stressful and overwhelming. That is difficult for the children and their parents. It is so important for children to be able to play freely without any stress. What a special way to have quality, fun time with a child!

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Royalty Sensory Gyms Mission

Royalty Sensory Gyms’ mission is to enhance the structual integrity of the sensory gym world and to better create a firm foundation for companies in the US. As the owners of Royalty, we can clarify that our soul mission is to help create better lifestyles for kids and adults that suffer from sensory disorders. Our hearts are bigger than the world itself, for that reason we go above and beyond to make sure your sensory gym project is everything you dreamed of and more! No matter where life takes your company, Royalty will always be that small tool in your back pocket to help you better treat clients of all ages!

DISCLAIMER: Royalty Sensory Gyms designs and builds state-of-the-art sensory gyms, we are not medical consultants. For that reason we ask that you consult with your family physician for any medical concerns. Our sensory gyms are designed to help treat sensory processing disorder and help regulate senses in kids and adults through activities directed by a speech, occupational, or physical therapist.