Your Royalty Sensory Gyms Experience

Sensory Gyms Satisfaction

Once the installation is finished, we will demonstrate how to properly use all the equipment and how to perform some of the different exercises that can be practiced with each piece of equipment. You’ll get to see a little sensory fitness in action!

We offer a lifetime warranty on all major components such as the castle, rock wall, and units. Customers are partners throughout the whole process. Your satisfaction is our utmost concern. We treat our customers as family, creating lasting relationships


Communication is especially important to Royalty Sensory Gyms and our voice reflects that. We are

approachable and professional and when appropriate, incorporate light-hearted, friendly humor that never diminishes or embarrasses people. We are careful to be respectful and compassionate,

understanding that having special needs children is often very stressful.

Who Is Royalty Sensory Gyms?

We are a team of highly experienced professionals that design and install indoor sensory playgrounds and universal gyms throughout the United States. From start to finish we will make sure that you are 100% satisfied.

You can learn more about the Beyer Brothers and their sensory gym story on the About Us page.

Royalty Sensory Gym Values

We Are Knowledgeable and Understanding

  • We actively and continually educate ourselves about the needs of the people we serve while demonstrating compassion and care.
  • We remain humble and open to new input while consistently striving for even better performance and quality with every gym we build.

We Are Uncompromising and Dedicated

  • We carefully select materials best-suited for the intended use and user of each sensory gym we build. We are unwilling to compromise this standard for any reason and would rather decline a job than build a sub-standard project that could result in harm to someone in the future.
  • Through our dedication, we have raised the bar for sensory gyms and will continue to keep that standard high, as this best serves the children and the future of our world.

We Are Passionate and Generous

  • We will leave the world a better place by creating these empowering spaces for our youth. A percentage of every project will be further invested in the future through contributions to charities that provide services to the special people that use our gyms.
  • As we grow, we plan to begin providing Royalty Sensory Gyms in communities that would otherwise not have access to high-quality, life-enhancing play structures or a universal gym. Additionally, a portion of all proceeds is donated to the Make A Wish Foundation.

DISCLAIMER: Royalty Sensory Gyms designs and builds state-of-the-art sensory gyms, we are not medical consultants. For that reason we ask that you consult with your family physician for any medical concerns. Our sensory gyms are designed to help treat sensory processing disorder and help regulate senses in kids and adults through activities directed by a speech, occupational, or physical therapist.

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