Angled Ladders

Angled ladders offer a slow grade challenge. Coming in all lengths & sizes based on the customers needs, they can be stretched for more gradual incline or placed more vertically for a challenge.

Cargo Nets

Cargo nets are a great addition to any sensory structure! Balance, strength, hand-eye coordination, and flexibility are 4 of the main focuses when a child is using a cargo net. These nets can be placed at angles for a slow-grade challenge or placed vertically for a little more of a challenge based on the customers’ needs.

Sensory Roller Slides

Roller ramp slides offer help with sensory stimulation, bilateral coordination, hand-eye coordination, and a childs motor planning skills! Unlike a regular slide each roller free spins as a child rolls down giving a light to medium resistance making it easier for some kids to go down. 

Swing Ceiling Anchors

Ceiling Anchors & Sensory Swings! Two very important tools for sensory play, these hooks are placed 5 ft apart to allow 1-2-4 point swing hookups. Royalty Sensory Gyms designs and installs custom headers which are structually anchored to ceiling studs, from that 900 lb I-bolts are secured to allow you to hook up virtually any swing you imagined! 

Sensory mirrors allow a child to sit back and appreciate their smile while inviting them to come close and admire thier reflection. This very basic but essential tool helps a child reflect and learn about themselves!

Lego Walls

Create your own lego dream with this 4′ x 8′ base plate while helping developing creative building skills, enhance problem solving technics, and encourage team work! Precision lego panels hold legos securing allowing you to build out with legos or even hang other lego panels!

Traverse Rock Walls

The traverse rock climbing experience can help children build muscle and eye-hand coordination when determining which handle to grasp ahold of. All 4×8 panels are made with a duarble 7 layer cabinete grade veener to ensure longevity with the abuse they may endure. All rocks and handles are secured with T-Lock nuts and bolts to secure them to the traverse rock wall as well! Vertically or horizontally these rock walls can be placed at many heights and lengths depending on customers needs!

Sensory Tube Wall

Sensory tube walls are great for any age! Simply watch the children guide the ball through the tube to its destination with little to no hesitation! With color-coordinated balls and clear tubing, the child can watch the ball and help move it when it needs that little push to get it to the end! 

Peg Board Walls

Sensory peg board walls are a great addition to any sensory gym! With an option to be placed either vertically or horizontally, they can accommodate any age group! Pegs are also color-coordinated to help with eye-hand coordination through their journey!

Open Seclusion Area

Seclusion areas are a unique tool for sensory play when used to regulate sensory overload. On the upper level, there’s a jump deck area used for leaping into a ball pit/crash pad, whiteboard, and a stairs/slide option as a secondary way to enter and exit the upper deck. The bottom of a seclusion area is a more controlled environment with lights and other learning tools that allow the child to develop.

Turbo Slides

Slides can come in all different lengths and sizes based on what is needed! Some of the slides that Royalty Sensory Gyms can provide are super slides, wave slides, spiral slides, and turbo slides! Slides help to develop physical skills and muscle tone, along with cognitive skills such as problem solving and memory!

Stairs & Slide Combos

Our stairs & slide combos are typically attached to the castle seclusion areas or open seclusion areas as a way to enter and exit the structure. The benefits they provide are essential in sensory play. Those benefits include body awareness, body scheme, motor planning, and bilateral coordination! A child’s weight combined with gravity provides proprioceptive feedback to the joints!

Sensory Ball Pits

Our sensory ball pits come in multiple sizes (Ex: 4’x4′, 4’x6′, 4’x8′, 8’x8′) and are handcrafted to our clients specific needs. Each ball pit comes with a 5″ thick high-density foam top to assure protection when playing in the ball pit! This develops fine motor skills, relaxation, and tactile/visual senses!

Castle Seclusion Areas

Castle seclusion areas are unique and different from an open seclusion area because they offer a fully secluded bottom half for one on one therapy when kids are experiencing sensory overload! Like open seclusion areas, castle structures offer the same sensory input with almost the same activities. Our Castle structures can be built to any size and any color.

Trampoline Enclosures

Sensory trampoline enclosures are built in all shapes and sizes depending on the needs of the clinic. Royalty Sensory Gyms build regular trampoline enclosures and more advanced trampoline-basketball hoop enclosures based on the request of our customers! Our Sensory trampolines help in developing balance, muscle development, and strengthens bones/joints with each jump. This teaches the child to be more aware of their body’s response to movement as it travels into the air! 


Our custom zip-lines can be any length a customer requests, these are used in a variety of different activities across the spectrum.  Zip-lines are unique because they can be used with any 1-2 point attachment, the therapist can help guide kids from end to end to help out the vestibular system!

Multi-Directional Rock Walls

Multi-directional rock walls allow a client to move up/down & side/side while improving the proprioceptive and vestibular senses! Royalty Sensory Gyms custom makes and builds multi-directional rock walls to our clients’ specific needs! We build vertical, angled, and free-standing rock walls to allow different exercise activities!

Free Floating Monkey Bar Systems

Our free-floating monkey bar systems are unique as they value floor space and integrate sensory input such as hand strength and coordination! They’re typically mounted wall to wall or braced to a false header that we custom make! These are also unique as they offer multiple swing hookups, multiple trapeze handles, and a zipline that runs the length of the monkey bar unit!

Multi-Handle Starter Ladder

Our sensory starter ladders come with multiple different handles, these are unique as they allow the children to enter a ladder in such a way that makes them most comfortable! Sensory ladders can be anchored to a rock wall or attached to our monkey bar units as a secondary climbing option!

Trapeze Handles

Our custom trapeze runs are typically attached to our monkey bar systems. The trapeze run extends the length of the monkey bar system and typically comes with 15-20 handles that can be used in a couple of different ways for eye-hand coordination! These handles benefit kids’ body awareness, motor control, muscle strength, and posture!

Multi-Colored Snap In Removable Flooring

Our multi-colored flooring is used in our gyms for safety, each piece is 5/8″ thick and snaps into a pattern. If something happens to the multi-colored flooring you simply take that tile out and replace it with another piece! Each tile can be switched around for a different pattern to allow for different activities!

Starter Rock Walls

The difference between a regular rock wall and a starter wall is the handles mounted to it. Your typical rock wall comes with 12 rocks while a starter wall comes with 12 rocks and 6 handles. This gives the child a secondary way to access and climb the wall while still making sure they’re comfortable! These walls are color-coordinated to the 7 colors of the spectrum but can be painted any color based on our customers’ needs!

Splatter Painted Rock Walls

Each rock wall is built to our customers’ needs and is typically painted to the 7 colors of the spectrum, but can be painted to our customers’ specific needs! Each rock wall comes with 12 rocks and a climbing rope!

Multi-colored Ball Pit Balls

Why choose balls over foam? Foam does act as a good filler for a ball pit but what do you do when a kid has an accident and it soaks into all the foam cubes or what happens when a kid starts to rip the foam apart? For sanitary reasons, Royalty Sensory Gyms uses 3″ plastic balls! Cleaning your ball pit is as simple as placing the balls in a laundry sack and spraying them with a disinfectant! It’s that easy!

Multi-Purpose Swing Positions

Our multi-purpose swing positions offer everything a child needs when it comes to swinging. These unique nylon bushing swing positions allow for 1-2-4 point swing hookups allowing you to use any swing possible! These are attached to the top of our monkey bar systems to help utilize floor space and to help expand the list of activities that can be done using the whole monkey bar system! 

Sensory Wall Ladder

Sensory wall ladders are placed up against a rock wall as a secondary option for climbing up to a monkey bar system. These ladders typically come with handles as another option to help climb up to the monkey bars, trapeze runs, or zip-line. 

Sensory Ninja Ramps

Sensory ninja ramps are a great exercise for strengthening the upper and lower body. Every ninja ramp is equipped with grip tape and a pull rope to help guide the child up the ramp into the seclusion area! These unique pieces of equipment can be handcrafted for a more gradual incline upon customers’ request!

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